Big MONEY Bash

In celebration of my BIG 50th Birthday, I’m offering YOU this amazing opportunity!

That’s right! It’s MY birthday and I’m giving YOU a gift. More MONEY in YOUR business!

I have assembled some of the BEST and BRIGHTEST (and bankable) Experts in the industry to come and help you GET your MONEY on lock!

This entire EVENT is about ways that you can be UNAPOLOGETICALLY PAID for YOUR Gifts and Talents.

Are you ready to say GOOD BYE to the stress of working for others?

Maybe you are ready to FINALLY experience Debt Freedom and Have complete control over YOUR Time

Did you know that the only things that stands in the middle of YOU and the Live the life you DREAM of is KNOWLEDGE about money?

If you are ready to build the Financial Security Necessary to Take care of your family no matter what is going on in the world

This is an event for those entrepreneurs SERIOUS about Building an Empire And Finally get paid what they’re owed So that they can Leave a legacy for future generations!

This is about Freeing your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT!

So if you are READY to get the KNOWLEDGE you need to live LIFE at the NEXT level, then join us for the BIG MONEY BASH!

Register now and maybe even TREAT yourself and your mind to VIP!

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Dawniel Patterson Winningham is a former JP Morgan Chase Vice President who left corporate America to pursue her dream of helping others build their dreams. Known as the Harriet Tubman of the Internet age her digital marketing and live stream skills put her in a position to serve thousands of individuals yearly with her messages of financial empowerment for women. She has authored 14 books and co-authored countless others. Her social media following of over 150k that she has grown organically over the years makes her a social media force to be reckoned with. Her story of overcoming the struggles of being a single mother of 3 and moving on to build a 7-figure business has been printed in over 100 magazines internationally, including Ebony, Ladies Home Journal, and more.


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LIVE in Atlanta February 16th – February 19th

Tickets on Sale NOW! Click here for details on how you can speak, volunteer or GET PAID for referring others.

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Because of limited space, these seats will go FAST!

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Because of limited space, these seats will go FAST!

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