My Birthday Gift to YOU!
Recipe for a 6 Figure Launch

Saturday, November 19th at 8pm CST

Special Encore!
Sunday, November 20th at 8pm CST

How much money have you spent OVER THE years, trying to LEARN how to do things you are JUST not good at doing?

ONLY to STILL be where you are years later?

Isn’t it TIME for a change?

Which leads, to frustration, procrastination

And WORSE of all, leaving money on the table.

It’s NOT enough to have a GREAT product and be good at what you do,

Or EVEN a GREAT strategy.

Are you ready to finally:

Save time

Gets over the perfection spirit

Leaps over procrastination

Pushes your project forward

And moves YOU to the place where you can EARN more, quickly!

Join us Saturday and Sunday at 8pm CST as we discuss the Recipe for a 6 Figure Launch!

It's my Birthday and I'm giving YOU A gift! I'm so dedicated to helping women charge their worth that I'm gifting YOU This workshop FREE of charge...
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