A Woman and Her Wealth Podcast Series


Thank you for your interest in participating in the Dear Money Podcast series “A Woman and Her Wealth”.

Here is everything you need to know…because of the nature of this show and our request that you be 100% transparent about your journey, we understand if you choose not to participate at this time.

We understand that money is a touchy subject but we also know that the kingdom is the SOURCE of all abundance and that in order for the enemy to release his stronghold on our people we must tell the TRUTH about our past relationship with money.

We ask that you first take the time to write a letter to money exploring the following questions which are more than likely the reason for your current day relationship with money.

We ask that you be open and honest about your financial journey in answering these questions.

These questions will be the source of conversation on the show so please bring your answers with you or be prepared to speak to your answers.

There is some other legal mumbo jumbo below that my team insisted on to protect the integrity of the show and blah blah blah, but this part is from me.

It’s time to heal our nation.

Coach Love ya!

The interview questions and details will be provided after you sign up via email. 

Please check your spam or junk folders for the information.

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