We know that EACH month there are MILLIONS of Dollars in grants made available to For Profit Business Owners.

Unfortunately not many of them EVEN bother to submit applications

  • Some don’t know how
  • Many may not trust the source of help (there is a lot of scam occurring)
  • Many don’t even know that these opportunities are available

And that’s why WE NEED your help in servicing these individuals.

Let us help YOU build your OWN Grant Writing Business.

Plus, depending on the opportunity you choose, we will EVEN refer clients to you to help them write their grants.

Build your own National Grant Writing Business
Specifically for For-Profit Grant Writers


Build Your Own Local Grant Writing Business
Referral Partner Opportunity


Build Your Own Grant Writing Business
Build Your Own Grant Writing Brand


Grant Writing Certification


Grant Writing Retreat


Introduction to Grant Writing


Ready to get started?

Schedule a call to discuss which of these option are best for you

Easy Financing available

Register now in order to pre-qualify for cash building capital with LOW monthly payments; even with less than perfect credit!

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