Secure “The Bag” Membership

The MONEY Bag – Their Bag

A Startup Capital Membership
For Business Owners who need a BAG to grow their business
$59 Monthly

Why Join The MONEY Bag

There are millions of dollars available to help GROW your business. Problem is that you don’t know WHERE to find them or if you do, how to secure them.

Privileges of being in the MONEY BAG membership include:

  • Monthly Tools to help you FIND and GET Startup Capital for your Business.
  • Resources to help YOUR business become a FUNDABLE brand
  • First to KNOW Alerts for KNEW Grant Opportunities
  • Deadline Reminders so that you don’t miss the chance to get your name in the hat
  • Monthly LIVE Q and A to answer YOUR questions about business funding
  • Priority Seating at our yearly conference
  • Prizes, Recognition and MORE…

Their Bag Lessons

Monthly Lessons to help you prepare to identify and obtain sources of OTHER people’s Money

Monthly Tools to help you IMPROVE your Presentation and Grant Writing Skills


Minority/Women Owned Business Certification


Business Plan Template Review


Investment Plan Template Review


Video Pitch Outline Review


Pitch Deck Outline and Review


How to Search for Grants


Tracking Grants


Business Setup


Writing Grants that WIN


Corporate Wish List


Corporate Cohorts


Business Banking Relationships


YOUR ability to make MILLIONS in your business continue to grow by the day. Problem is that you may be focused on EVERYTHING but making money; Or you may not have the strategy and accountability you need to continue to GROW your BAG!

When you join the RICH BAG membership you will receive:

Tools and Training to help GROW your BAG consistently

Resources to help you automate your BUSINESS

Monthly Profit Planning Exercises to keep you focused on growing the BAG month over month

Monthly Marketing Plan lessons customized for the month so you NEVER have to GUESS what to post on Social Media

Monthly Q & A to get your money questions answered

Priority Seating at our yearly conference

Prizes, Recognition and MORE…

The RICH Bag – Your BAG

A Profit Focused Memberships
For Business Owners who need to INCREASE the BAG they are earning
$59 Monthly

Your Bag Lessons

Monthly Lessons to help you make the MAIN thing the MAIN thing – Your profits

Monthly Tools to keep you focused on the bottom line


Finding the RIGHT Target


TIME to make MONEY


Building a BETTER Brand


Building a BIGGER List


Building MORE Products


Charging YOUR Worth


Building a DREAM TEAM


SLAY your social media – Improving your social media reach and engagement


Million Dollar Mindset


WIN the FIGHT over Procrastination – Do SEASON


Clocked in – Do MORE to generate revenue


Profit Planning

All Bags Matter

For Business Owners who need BOTH BAGS – The money to grow their business AND an increase in their bottom line profits

$99 Monthly

Save $ when you join BOTH BAGS


We ALL KNOW that TWO BAGS are better than ONE! When you join ALL BAGS matter you not only save money but you will also receive the following:

  • Everything included in BOTH Bags Session PLUS
  • Monthly Mindset Training
  • Free Entry into the Pink Wall Street Business Directory
  • 6 Month Jumpstart Coaching Session (during your 6 or 7 Month Anniversary)
  • Discounted Conference Bring a Friend Opportunity

Both bags

Access to special guests, trainings and bootcamps to help you MASTER the GAME of CASH and CAPITAL!

Monthly Marketing Templates and Training

What are you waiting for?

You could EASILY pay $10,000 yearly to join a similar program and NOT receive the Sisterhood, support and Mindset Shift you will receive when you join our drama free, revenue focused community.

Don’t keep TRYING to do this alone. Join the SECURE the BAG membership TODAY and start to GROW your Bag like never before…provided you are ready to DO the WORK!