The club for people to get their book DONE!

It took me 17 years to write my first book part of why is because I didn’t know where to get started and the other part is because I didn’t have help.

But this doesn’t have to be your story, no pun intended.

Over the years I have helped OVER 1,000 people write books, journals, devotionals, ebooks and MORE!

And I’ve personally written 15+ bestsellers and over 100 books for others.

Let me help YOU get it done!

If you’re somebody who’s always wanted to write your book and didn’t know how to get started, or you’re someone who’s been writing your book for what seems like forever, then the book writing accountability club is for you.

In this club you have an opportunity for weekly check-in‘s within the group and biweekly check-in‘s with your coach to get your questions answered about how to move your book forward. You also receive tools such as book writing templates outlines videos and of course information on how to write make your book a bestseller.

We will also have interviews with publishers editors and other individuals that can help you make move your book forward.

So if you’re finally ready to join the list of those accomplish individuals who have increased their credibility by putting their name on a book cover didn’t register below.

Entry into the group is only $99 down and $39 a week and you can cancel at any time once your book is done or stay along for the ride and write yet another book.

This price pales in comparison to the joy you will receive and publish in your first book as well as the regret you may hold for never sharing your story.

Why pay a ghost writer $5k, $10k or even $15,000 when you could simply learn the skill of writing your own book.

Stop Procrastinating on your next level 

And join the book writing accountability group today.

Finally become a published author ! We can help.

Whether you’ve been saying , that you were going to write a book , for your business , for the last year or for the last 10 years .. finally you have an opportunity to bring your vision to life.

For a limited time only , we are extending the opportunity for us to go ghost write your book for you.

  • Get your book completed on a fast turn around
  • Own all the rights to your book
  • Nobody will ever know you didn’t write it yourself
  • Includes free copy of marketing your book to amazon best seller.
  • Includes personal introduction to trust publisher
  • We can help whether you started your book or if we needed to write it from scratch
  • Assistance with developing a marketable title
  • 75% off traditional ghost writing fees
  • Opportunity to have bonus work book or companion journal created for a 90% off




Stand out in your industry by publishing your own book.