As someone whose generated millions of dollars in the online world I can tell you that #allbagsmatter

It wasn’t until recently that I realized that BAG is MORE than just your profit.

It is also your ability to use OPM to build your business.

These courses are specifically for those of you who are in NEED of the bag to grow your business and may NOT yet be in a place where you can hire someone like me full time!

Everyone starts somewhere.

And unlike those other all video courses, in these courses you will have the chance to interact with me and ask me REAL questions about how to get to the bag!

AND we will be working through your problems LIVE and in person.

So are you ready to get to the BAG?

You can choose:


Tuesdays @7:30pm CST

Begins May 17, 2022

Perfect for new OR veteran entrepreneurs who want to leverage OTHER peoples money to grow your business. During this 10 week course we will cover

  • How to tell your Brand story so that others WANT to give you money
  • How to connect with Corporations who are looking for businesses like yours
  • How to create a Pitch deck for your business, perfect for those looking for Angel Investors
  • What to include in a Pitch video to make it persuasive
  • What does YOUR business need to have to be ELIGIBLE to receive OPM
  • What banks you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT Be doing business with; and how to quickly qualify for loans
  • How to use Crowd funding and allow your followers to SOW seed into your brand
  • How to perform Grant searches
  • How to align with Big Businesses for education and special consideration such as minority product programs
  • WHY receiving a minority or women owned business certification is important to your next level



Thursdays @7:30pm CST

Begins May 19, 2022


Perfect for entrepreneurs that want to LEVEL UP their earnings NOW.

  • Profit Planning – How to make the MAIN thing, the MAIN thing and put profit first
  • Targeting – Making sure you identify the RIGHT target that will pay you what you are worth
  • Branding – If you LOOK like nickels and dimes, that is what people will pay you. How to boss up your brand for pennies on the dollar
  • List building – Create BOMB lead magnets so that you can get people on your list to sell to them NOW and later
  • Digital products – How to EXPAND your product shelf with easily made digital products
  • High ticket products – 5k, 10k, 20k and MORE How to build and SELL high ticket products
  • Team building – Stop being a SOLO preneur and get the help you need to grow your business EVEN on a budget
  • Ambassadors and affiliates – How to LINE UP people that will help YOU grow your brand
  • Social media engagement – How to jumpstart your engagement on multiple platforms
  • Content Creation – NEVER struggle with what to post again. Make content creation part of your daily ritual.
  • Master Marketing- How to create a YEARS worth of Marketing Campaigns..and use them year after year

BOTH include BONUS training on how to work with one of our affiliate partners to EARN money by helping OTHER entrepreneurs qualify for the money THEY need to grow their businesses.


Each course is 10 weeks and only $99 down and $99 weekly for 10 weeks!

$999 Cash

Or SAVE when you take BOTH BAGS for only $159 down and $159 Weekly for 10 weeks

$1499 Cash

Upgrade to VIP and receive…

1. Plan to Profit Workbook

2. Social Media Mojo

3. Bootstrap Your Business

4. Pitch Deck Template

5. Networked Workbook and join the Marketing Retreat

All for an additional $2000

These classes are NON-refundable and by agreeing to the payment plan you agree that ONCE you start, you MUST finish or OWE the entire 10 weeks. No Excuses.

Class starts on the following dates and times and WILL be recorded, so don’t worry if you can’t make a class or two!

Can’t sign up now? We understand money comes and goes. CLICK HERE to be added to the wait list for the next course start date.

Have questions? CLICK HERE to schedule a call with my team to discuss if this is the right class for you…but if you are thinking about it…it more than likely is. Time to take a chance on YOU!

These classes are for educational purposes. By taking these classes you agree that we can’t guarantee your results, as in each business and each individual is different. As with all things there are no magic bullets. You must attend class and do the work. As with all things please consult a financial advisor for tax and accounting questions specific to your business.