The peace and prosperity retreat

The Ultimate Retreat For Women Who Want It It all...

Where you will be allowed to “take off your cape” and REST your Super Powers

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After YEARS of creating products and services for my clients, I finally realized what ALL women need occasionally…

BEYOND the 7 Figure Entrepreneur Hustle

ABOVE the kids we raise on a day-to-day basis


And Even MORE than the man of our dreams

WE need a place to rest,

Somewhere to go and RESET

A Place to RECHARGE our batteries

To RESTORE our spirituality

And to REALLY not only understand WHAT we want out of life…But how to MANIFEST it in our thoughts LONG before it becomes and action

No matter WHAT you were told you could have

Or HOW you may be living your life now

There is MORE!

And the surprise is that you don’t have to claw and scratch your way to get it

Because it’s already been ordained to you biblically

You just need to retrain your mind on how to attain it

This retreat is for the woman who spoils EVERYONE else…

And often ends up short at the end of the day.

During this magical experience you will encounter

Personalized Breakfast in bed experience

where you have the day to lounge around, sleep late and have breakfast delivered to YOU on your schedule (when does that happen EVER?) and you don’t have to share your pancakes or waffles with little Johnny LOL

Daily abundance meditation

To help you understand what you want out of life EVEN before you go into prayer to ask the MOST HIGH

Beachside abundance visualization

A waterside experience to help you learn to visualize what you want as part of bringing it to fruition – 

Stress reduction techniques

To help you block out the normal noise and keep you focused on prosperity even when you return to your normal routine

Wind down time

Plenty of time to be ALONE so that you can HEAR from HIM and hear from YOU

Confidence building exercises

Helping you to come face to face unapologetically with your greatness through HIM

Abundance manifestation

Exercises on Manifesting what you really want, and how to weed out the things you are attracting that are NOT benefiting your dream lifestyle

Work life balance routines

Finally, help understand when and how to say NO to those things that our CROWDING out your abundance and how to get the help YOU need to live a well-rounded life.

Making time for abundance

 Last but not least, how to make peace and prosperity a part of your normal routine without having to feel rushed so that prayer, meditation, visualization and manifesting becomes part of your daily routine.

Healthy habits will be created




And abundantly

It’s time to take back control on your life…so that you can live as God intended..
With peace and prosperity

P.S. Partial Scholarships are available for a select few individuals who would like to serve during this experience so act quickly. We UNDERSTAND the power of sowing seed and would not want to deny anyone this experience just because they don’t have the funding immediately available.

Business owners this is considered a WORK and/or Business-related expense as we will help you understand the upper limits on your business earnings. Ask your tax professional about how you can receive tax credits for this total experience.

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